Autumn colors are upon many parts of the United States right now. Undoubtedly, leaf peeping is a highlight of the season. Delighted onlookers sometimes travel for miles to take in the incredible autumn colors visible from some of America’s most well-known major thoroughfares, such as Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway or Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains.

Although the glorious colors of autumn vary by region and overall climate, it is possible to bring autumn’s glory to your own backyard. Specific species of trees are known for their colorful displays during autumn. Maple trees are one such species. Adding several variations of maple trees to your landscape can mean a season of merriment come autumn.

Amur maples are perhaps one of the most vibrantly colored among maples and all trees. With appropriate climate conditions, which include exposure to full sunlight throughout the better part of the year coupled with a crisp climate at the onset of autumn, Amur maples will display themselves in a most brilliant shade of red.

Sugar maples are another species that results in a beautiful autumn display. Requiring full to partial exposure to sunlight throughout the majority of the year, variations in fall color include yellow, orange and red.

It is the sugar maple species that is also famous for the production of maple syrup. For the adventurous homeowner, the addition of sugar maples to the landscape can result in the collection of maple sap to make into maple syrup for consumption, thereby making the value of such a tree doubly advantageous.

If you live in Austin, Texas, consult an Austin tree trimming professional to assist you with how best to grow and maintain a sugar maple on your landscape. A knowledgeable professional may also be able to assist you in the process of gathering maple sap to be made into maple syrup. If not, he or she could likely provide you with resources or other points of contact who can assist you in such a unique endeavor.

Norway maple trees can be planted, and adapt well, in areas that are typically more arid. This is beneficial if you live in a location with such a climate. In fact, research indicates that Norway maple trees are often strategically planted for the shade they provide.

Care should be taken to maintain the health of a Norway maple, however, as it is susceptible to several tree diseases, including anthracnose, which can be mistaken for oak wilt, a relatively high-occurrence tree disease in Austin. With proper care and maintenance, available through the assistance of an Austin tree care professional, Norway maples can certainly thrive and, with the onset of autumn, provide a brilliant shade of yellow for your landscape.

Maples are a great asset to any landscape and are perhaps one of the most glorious trees to behold when it comes to fall foliage. Consult an Austin arborist to learn which species of maple tree may best flourish within your regional climate and on your personal landscape.

About the Author: Andrew Johnson is the owner of Central Texas Tree Care, a leading provider of Austin tree service in Central Texas. Certified ISA Austin arborist services including: tree trimming, tree removal, tree care and oak wilt treatment. For more information on Austin tree service, please visit

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