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Deep root fertilization is often the single most effective way to maintain healthy trees in high traffic environments. Coupled with constant yearly mulching to the root zone and of course proper irrigation, a yearly fertilization program goes a long way toward helping maintaining general tree health. Trees become more drought tolerant and disease resistant when fertilized properly.

At Central Texas Tree Care, we use a granular, slow-release fertilizer that is injected into the root zone at a one year rate. Granular fertilizer is optimum due to its slow-release properties and is very slow to leach from the soil into the water table. Our fertilizer gives the trees the initial immediate boost they need, but then the granules remain in the soil, slowly breaking down and giving the trees the minerals they need over a year.

Our deep-root fertilizer is applied to the upper 4-6 inches of soil directly to the trees absorbing roots. The mixture is pumped through a hose at 200-300 PSI, and applied to the roots with a fertilizer gun with a sharp metal tip and a trigger. Initial fertilization can be done at any time. After that, we recommend a Spring to Spring or Fall to Fall schedule for optimum results.

Water-based products used by other tree companies are very cheap to apply and yield an extremely high profit margin. They also are not as effective, need to be applied twice a year minimally and are much more expensive overall while delivering lesser results and benefits. Many companies do not want the maintenance requirements for the application systems, or expense of the granular fertilizers because they can make more money with water-based applications and simple jet-agitation tanks.

Why do twice in one year and pay twice for a substantially inferior product when it can be done once with a superior product for essentially the same price?

Contact us today at 512-973-9090 to schedule the initial treatment for your property and start giving your trees the nutrients they need to stay vital all year. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your trees!

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