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When it comes to local companies providing tree care, there are just way too many. Why?  Because there’s absolutely no regulation required: no arborist certification, no insurance and no city or state requirements or regulations. This lack of regulation has led to the practice of improper pruning and a host of immoral salespeople. This scenario can wreak havoc on the homeowner’s valuable trees.

We often joke that trees cannot run away. So they can’t escape the negative effects of improper pruning. Trees add to the value of a home and a neighborhood, provide shade, temperature reduction and overall beauty. This is why it is key that you hire the right company the first time. While price is certainly important, it should never be the sole deciding factor when hiring a solid, local tree care company.

At Central Texas Tree Care, we pride ourselves on providing all our customers that call us with honest, effective and affordable recommendations based on years of education and area field experience. We back up our recommendations with execution by our remarkably well-trained and seasoned team of courteous professionals.

Please browse our extensive list of tree services and in-depth knowledge center for more information on the range of services we provde.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality tree service for the greatest value in a way that continually exceeds our customers’ expectations. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate!

Tree Trimming

Central Texas Tree Care only provides the highest quality pruning to International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) standards and classes. Pruning needs are assessed based on tree safety, general overall tree health and of course catered to fit your budget. Cleanup is done on the same day using chipper machines and large enclosed dump trucks called “chip trucks”. Mulch is available free of charge based on location and availability.

Tree Removal

Central Texas Tree Care staff are skilled at removing trees safely and efficiently. We are able to tackle most tree removals we are asked to bid on. Please keep in mind that tree removals are not to be taken lightly. Tree removals are dangerous, and not all tree care companies are trained to safely remove trees. Serious injury or death can occur when inexperienced people attempt dangerous removals! Please call us for a free quote if you have a tree that needs to come out.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing trees are scientifically approved methods for supporting trees with split crotches, or for trees that have limbs or crotches that are predisposed to failure. We follow the International Society of Arboriculture, ISA standards for tree cabling called the ANSI (American National Standards Institute, Inc.) A300 standards for supplemental support systems.

Most (not all) cables I see installed by other companies in the Austin area are installed incorrectly. When done properly, cabling and bracing will often save limbs or entire trees. They are generally considered permanent solutions, although constant re-inspection and monitoring/pruning is always recommended. We are happy to come evaluate your trees to see if they even need cabling or bracing. Contact us if you want an honest professional evaluation.

Tree Spraying

The ideal course of action for pest management is to identify the problem before attempting a solution. Once a disease is identified, treatment by a licensed pest control applicator can be prescribed to save the tree. It is important to know the progression of certain diseases in order to properly prescribe effective treatment.

Tree Diagnostics

The primary course of action for pest management is to identify the problem before attempting a solution. Andy Johnson has been identifying and treating tree pest problems for 15 years. It takes a long time for an arborist to build up this level of practical knowledge. Many people are sold treatments they do not need. Please call us for an honest walk-through of your property to asses your needs. We charge a minimal flat fee if all you need is diagnostic advice. We will NOT sell you something you do not need.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Oak wilt treatments are often necessary when the disease moves into a commercial area. It is necessary to move quickly in these instances to not only identify the disease properly, but to start treatment immediately after diagnosis. Oak wilt can move so rapidly that it can kill trees in just a matter of weeks, especially in the spring, however the disease can persist throughout the summer months.

Tree Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is often the single most effective way to maintain healthy trees in high traffic environments. Coupled with constant yearly mulching to the root zone and of course proper irrigation, a yearly fertilization program goes a long way toward helping maintaining general tree health. Trees become more drought tolerant and disease resistant when fertilized properly. We provide only the highest quality fertilizer available on the market today.

Stump Removal & Grinding

We own our own stump grinders, and are always happy to provide our customers with this service. If you just have stumps you want to grind out on your property, call us for a free estimate to get rid of them.

Arborist Reports

Sometimes customers need specific and detailed reports on specific trees or tree related issues. These may be for new construction, insurance, home sales or other reasons.

We are available on request to provide these reports based on our availability and time constraints.  We also refer customers to Don Gardner, long-time Austin consulting arborist, for some of the more complicated and time-consuming situations.

Feel free to call us at 512-973-9090 or contact us discuss your specific situation and needs. We will do what we can to help!

Hazard Tree Diagnosis

Hazard tree identification and evaluation is very important. Trees may be unsafe and prone to failure on your property and you may not even know it! Locating and dealing with these problems prior to windstorms and ice storms can prevent loss. Once hazard situations have been identified, limbs can be cabled and braced, thinned or removed to prevent failure. Sometimes removal is the only option.

Commercial Property Tree Care

Central Texas Tree Care provides commercial tree care to shopping centers, homeowners associations, business parks and municipal sites.

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