Pflugerville Tree Service

Pflugerville Tree Service: Trimming & Removal

Do you have a problem tree in your yard? The Pflugerville arborists at Central Texas Tree Care can trim low-hanging limbs or remove a hazardous tree that could cause property damage if left to fall on it’s own. We have years of experience in tree removal, pruning, cabling and more. We’re a full service tree care company in Pflugerville.


Our Services:

Trimming and General Tree Maintenance – Scheduling a regular pruning is important to maintain the overall health of a tree and avoid contact with your home or fences.

Safe Tree Removal – Removing a tree requires knowledge and experience to avoid damaging surrounding property. We’ve removed trees all over Central Texas and have a winning record when it comes to successful tree removals in Pflugerville.

Deep Root Fertilization – One slow release treatment from Central Texas Tree Care can last a tree up to a year. Don’t waste your time and money with other tree care companies providing multiple injections. We’re proud to say our fertilization treatment is one of the most effective in the area.

Insect Control – Is your tree infested with unwelcome critters? Our certified Pflugerville tree sprayers can take care of the situation for you and protect the health of your trees.

Oak Wilt Treatment – Diagnosing and treating oak wilt as quickly as possible is essential for saving the life of a tree. Our arborists can determine if your tree is affected by Oak Wilt and begin the required treatment immediately to prevent further damage.

Cable u0026amp; Bracing – Protect your trees and property by installing cables and braces to prevent future damage.


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