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Are you wondering what to do about an unwanted tree stump? Stump grinding is the most efficient and cost-effective stump removal practice. A highly specialized machine called a stump grinder is used to grind the stump below the grade level. Essentially, the stump is turned into sawdust mixed with soil. Most stumps are just ground to 6 or so inches below grade level. In some cases, smaller stumps can be completely ground away.

We almost always sell stump grinding to our customers when we remove a tree. Aesthetically, it is the best option for most of our customers. Everyone is always pleased with the results.

What is a stump grinder?

A stump grinder is essentially a belt driven, gas powered machine with a spinning wheel at the business end. This wheel is covered in carbide-tipped replaceable teeth that grind out the stump as the wheel spins and moves from side to side.

Why remove a stump?

In most cases, stump grinding is done so the lawn can re-grow where the stump used to be, and so the lawn mower blades aren’t compromised. In flower beds, stump grinding is mostly aesthetic, but can also help keep the carpenter ant and termite populations down from exposed and rotting stump wood. Also, cedar stumps can take many years to break down due to the rot-resistant tannins in the wood, so many people opt to have them ground out regardless of location.

Can another tree be planted in the same spot?

Many people think that once a stump has been ground out, that another tree or woody plant can be planted in the same spot. In most instances, a normal sized stump grinder cannot remove an entire stump deeply enough for a new tree to go into the same spot. We recommend offsetting the new planting.

Can a stump be ground down below the ground to allow for re-planting?

If budget is not an issue, and the stump is located in an accessable front yard location, a trailer stump grinder (very large and heavy machine) can be hired. These machines are fairly rare in the Austin area because most stumps are not very large here compared to other parts of the country. This machine is non-mobile, and has to be backed up to the stump. Once in place, however, the machine can grind down to two feet below the ground, allowing for re-planting in the same spot.

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