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At Central Texas Tree Care we pride ourselves on affordable, competitively priced quality tree services. We give our customers the attention to detail larger companies often overlook. If you need tree work, have trees you are concerned about, or just want to know the overall health of your trees, fill out an estimate form or call us. We stand above other area tree services because we are:

Experienced and knowledgeable: Co-owned and operated by Andrew Johnson, a graduate of Virginia Tech’s School of Forestry, Andy is a certified arborist with more than 20 years of professional field experience.

Reliable: At Central Texas Tree Care, we pride ourselves on continually exceeding our customers’ expectations. Since starting our business we have not had a single customer walk away unhappy. For more information about our services, click here.

Ethical: We only recommend the services that need to be done. We operate with the highest of ethics and standards and do everything we can to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Affordable: We deliver affordable, competitively priced quality Austin tree services and offer our customer the attention to detail larger companies often overlook.

Proven: Once customers hire us, they never go anywhere else.  Our thousands of satisfied customers look to use year after year to maintain their trees. Testimonials from some of those customers are here.

Working Green: At Central Texas Tree Care, we are doing all we can to follow the principles of the Green movement. We are committed to helping keep Austin and the surrounding areas beautiful for years to come. Our customers can see our commitment through:

  • Recycling of our wood waste material at local wood recycling centers.
  • Filling our tree trucks with biodiesel whenever possible
  • Giving our salespeople hybrid vehicles to drive to customer appointments

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If you are unhappy with your current tree service, or are ready to hire one for the first time, please contact us and we will be happy to walk the property and provide you with a service or maintenance plan free of charge. We have a qualified staff of highly trained and experienced tree workers to perform the work quickly and efficiently. We look forward to hearing from you.

T: 512.973.9090

E: [email protected]

F: 512-249-1074

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