Austin Tree Diagnostics

Certified arborists are not only important in locating and identifying hazard situations, but are also trained in diagnosing tree diseases. Diseases affect trees by species, and both species knowledge and a basic knowledge of local diseases that affect each species is an extremely important skill set to any arborist.

Identifying Tree Pest Problems

The primary course of action for pest management is to identify the problem before attempting a solution. Andy Johnson, owner and certified arborist, has been identifying and treating tree pest problems for 15 years. It takes a long time for an arborist to build up this level of practical knowledge.

Once a disease is identified, treatment by a licensed pest control applicator can be prescribed to save the tree. It is important to know the progression of certain diseases in order to properly prescribe effective treatment. Some diseases may either be untreatable or may have progressed beyond the point of treatment. Often unseasoned arborists prescribe treatments and do not set realistic customer expectations. Often incorrect and/or ineffective treatments are prescribed creating bad customer relations. Seasoned, educated arborists with good reputations and many years of experience are always your safest bet when it comes to often complicated diagnostics.

It has taken Andy 15 years to achieve his level of skill and expertise with respect to tree identification, disease diagnostics and treatment, and yet difficult diagnostic situations still come up. Sometimes trees die for no obvious reason, due, for example, to old age or situations below the ground that are not readily apparent.

Many people are sold treatments they do not need. Please call us at 512-973-9090 or contact us for an honest walk-through of your property to asses your needs. We charge a minimal flat fee if all you need is diagnostic advice. We will NOT sell you something you do not need.