Cedar Park Tree Service: Trimming & Removal

Quality tree services in Cedar Park, TX

Contact Central Texas Tree Care today and speak with certified Cedar Park arborists Andrew Johnson and Javier Robles. They can assist you with any of your tree care needs, including:

  • Tree Trimming Pruning that’s up to the International Society of Arboriculture standards. We’ll assess your trimming needs based on the health of the tree, the safety of the trimming service and your budget.
  • Tree Removal:  We have the rigging knowledge necessary for a successful and safe tree removal.
  • Fertilization: We inject slow-release fertilizer deep into your tree roots to maintain the health of your trees.
  • Tree Spraying: Protection from insect infestation and disease, including fungus, Pecan webworms, Oak Leaf caterpillars and more.
  • Oak wilt: We can identify Oak wilt quickly and treat it immediately before your trees are killed.
  • Safety and preventive care: We install more tree cables and braces every year than any other tree company in the area.
  • Tree consultation: For new construction, home sales/purchase, diagnostics and hazard tree evaluation
We provide the best tree care services in Cedar Park at a cost that is affordable and competitive with other local companies.

At Central Texas Tree Care, we’ll give your tree care concerns the attention they deserve!