Certified Austin Arborist: Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson, co-owner of Central Texas Tree Care, graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in forestry. While in school, he interned with a large lumber and paper company, but later decided that he was more interested in urban forestry. Andy worked for a tree care company in California before settling down in Austin and starting Central Texas Tree Care.

As an Austin arborist, Andy focuses on the health and safety of trees rather than managing forests or harvesting wood. Arborists have various levels of experience and training, which is why some choose to become certified through continuing education.

Why Hire A Certified Arborist?

Certified arborists in the U.S. have over three years of documented and verified experience in their field. In addition, they must also pass a written test from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). All certified Austin arborists must maintain their credentials as well, by getting a certain number of continuing education units during the three-year certification period and paying a fee for recertification or by retaking and passing the exam. That means that you can always trust that your Austin arborist is well-versed in tree service practices and knowledge.

How A Certified Austin Arborist Can Help You

If your Central Texas estate or commercial or residential property has trees, Austin arborist Andy Johnson can help you care for them. As an Austin tree service, the company knows what is best for trees in the climate and terrain of the Central Texas region. Central Texas Tree Care provides services such as tree trimming, tree removal, tree fertilization, tree diagnostics and treatment or prevention of disease and stump removal.

Aside from being able to boast a certified arborist, Central Texas Tree Care also stands out as a tree service with insurance, which is an important aspect in protecting both the staff and you as a homeowner or landowner.