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Andy Johnson: Certified and Knowledgeable

Co-owner of Central Texas Tree Care, Andy brings a unique combination of certification, education and field experience to our customers. Andy holds an International Society of Aboriculture arborist certification (#WC3188). He also graduated from Virginia Tech, one of the nation’s top forestry schools, with a degree in forestry. While in school, Andy interned with a large lumber and paper company in Northern Florida for two years. After graduation, he decided to make a transition over to urban Forestry, finding it more interesting and personally rewarding. Andy has been saving and protecting trees for private homeowners ever since.

After graduation, Andy returned to Florida as a contractor for Gainesville Regional Utilities and then Moved to Northern California as a contractor for Pacific Gas and Electric under the vegetation management programs. Freshly out of college, Andy gained valuable customer skills and practical tree knowledge.

From there, Andy worked for Bartlett Tree Experts in California where he continued to hone his skills in tree identification and learned pest management. After managing the South Bay office and improving its operations, Andy moved on to Austin, Texas and started Central Texas Tree Care.

Andy is also a Veteran of the Army National Guard of Maryland and Virginia, where he served honorably with the 29th infantry division from 1986-1992.

Javier Robles: Experienced and Professional

Co-owner of Central Texas Tree Care, Javier’s tree care experience began in 1973 when he went to work for his uncle’s tree care company in Marin County, California and established a foundation of basic pruning and tree removal methods. From fine pruning to Redwood and Eucalyptus removals, Javier learned all the skills necessary for safe, effective tree work.

Later, Javier moved on to work for Bartlett Tree Experts in San Jose, California, where he further honed his pruning skills and learned a more scientific approach to tree care. Javier and Andy met in California and together turned around field operations at the South Bay office. After successfully continuing to run the field operations, Javier moved to Austin Texas.

Soon after coming to Austin, Javier and Andy formed Central Texas Tree Care. With more than 35 years of pruning and leadership experience, the skill level and knowledge base Javier brings to the company and the customers we serve is unmatched.

Javier trains and hires all field staff and ensures our equipment is maintained to the highest standards. He is a roving supervisor and still works in the field when needed. He also runs sales calls. All of our customers have complete confidence in his abilities and think very highly of him. He is a genuinely nice guy who loves working with people and most importantly, a perfectionist with very high standards in everything he does.

Joel Joiner: Dedicated and Customer-Driven

Joel is an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist (TX-3930A). He joined Central Texas Tree Care in 2012 after spending the previous eight years working as a master certified service representative in lawn care for a Central Texas pest control company. Joel’s service experience focused on delivering personalized, professional attention to customers and ensuring jobs are completed on time and consistently meet or surpass expectations.

Field Crews

Our field teams are made up of experienced, proven, courteous and attentive individuals. Each job includes at least one foreman with years of in-field work, many starting as groundsmen and working their way up to supervisor. Our team takes pride in the fact that they are delivering the highest quality tree care in the Austin area.

Office Staff

One of the ways we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations is by ensuring that every phone call and email is followed up with. We have valued office staff, not an answering service, who answer customer calls and emails promptly — usually in the same day and always within 24 hours.

The Central Texas Tree Care team is second to none in this area as proven by our thousands of happy customers. Contact us today to become one more!

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