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Austin Tree Cabling & Bracing

Central Texas Tree Care has installed hundreds of cables in Austin area trees over the last 10 years and I am very proud of our record. Our highly trained and experienced staff properly installs more cables each year than just about any other local tree care company.

Cabling and bracing trees are scientifically approved methods for supporting trees with split crotches, or for trees that have limbs or crotches that are predisposed to failure. We follow the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) standards for tree cabling called the ANSI (American National Standards Institute, Inc.) A300 standards for supplemental support systems.

Most (not all) cables I see installed by other companies in the Austin area are installed incorrectly. Almost every time, besides using inferior hardware, the cables are installed either too low in the tree or too far down the limb they are supposed to support. ANSI A300 standards specifically state that cables should be installed a minimum of two-thirds of the way from the crotch to the end of the limb that is being anchored.

Safety factors such as proximity to power lines or other utility lines are paramount. Metal cables conduct electricity and must never be installed in trees where power lines contact the tree. Also, metal cables can rub against themselves or tree limbs, so they must always be installed free from obstructions.

Although lag bolts are on the approved list of hardware for ANSI A300 cable systems, we prefer to use through-bolts, which I have found to be much stronger and resistant to breaking in storms. They are especially needed in larger trees.

When done properly, cabling and bracing will often save limbs or entire trees. They are generally considered permanent solutions, although constant re-inspection and monitoring/pruning is always recommended. We are happy to come evaluate your trees to see if they even need cabling or bracing. Contact us at 512-973-9090 or complete a contact form if you want an honest professional evaluation.

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