Hazard Tree Diagnosis

Hazard tree identification and evaluation is very important. Trees may be unsafe and prone to failure on your property and you may not even know it! Many factors can contribute to tree failure and property damage including:

  • Acute angled crotches with included bark
  • Trees with co-dominant stems
  • Trunk and basal rot
  • Overextended limbs and limbs with too much weight

Locating and dealing with these problems prior to windstorms and ice storms can prevent loss. Once hazard situations have been identified, limbs can be cabled and braced, thinned or removed to prevent failure. Sometimes removal is the only option.

Certified arborists are not only important in locating and identifying such hazard situations so make sure to consult with one if you think your tree or trees pose a danger to your property or people. Central Texas Tree Care provides these types of services every day and we are happy to come out and take a look for you.

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