Countless articles have been written describing the importance of routine care and maintenance of landscaping trees. There is good reason for this. These articles typically address such matters as trees’ chances of thriving being increased when they are tended to with such care, how routine care is a prudent way to protect the overall value of a property, specifically that of a homeowner, and the importance of selecting a professional arborist to assist with any issues that may arise. Of all the articles written about tree care, however, perhaps a rather understated topic is what stands to be lost when a professional arborist is not utilized. Here are some examples of what may go wrong when a licensed, insured professional is not called upon for assistance.

Easily, one of the most foreseeable issues to contend with is property damage. While accidents are possible for any individual completing tree care, the chances are greatly increased when anyone other than a professional arborist is hired to do the job. Throw in the possibility that this non-professional is also unlicensed and uninsured, and the likelihood of a costly mess looms higher than any tree canopy. Personal property that may be damaged includes homes, automobiles, power lines, or, even worse, damage done to any of these on a neighbor’s property. Needless to say, should this last scenario ever come to fruition, legal implications, in addition to any monetary ones, also exist.

Although damages often result from falling limbs, they may also exist from inappropriate actions taken on the ground as well. Consider oak wilt. In Austin, Texas, oak wilt is an unfortunate, but relatively common problem. Since it can be transmitted from a diseased tree to a healthy tree through grafted (intertwined) roots, a common means of preventing its spread is through trenching. However, performed by the wrong person, this action, meant to stop this progressive disease, may instead result in a failure to not only save healthy trees, but may also result in the disruption of septic tanks, underground utilities, water lines, or proximal tree roots, or may even cause foundational damage to a home.

Other sometimes costly inconveniences to consider include privacy fence damage or the disruption or destruction of an underground pet fence. Gone unrepaired or unnoticed, the costs associated with such problems may not only be monetary, but also emotional. Sadly, a small child could easily escape the safe confines of his/her yard or a beloved pet could do the same. Avoid limbs falling onto and damaging privacy fences by contacting a knowledgeable, licensed, and insured Austin tree trimming professional.

While these are not pleasant scenarios to dwell on, the investment made in protecting private property, including loved ones and landscaping trees, should also be of the utmost importance to anyone hired to perform a job. If it is not, or if you sense that someone is merely looking to make a quick profit with little regard for safety or the quality of work, certainly proceed with a buyer beware mindset. Maximize the protection of your property and minimize your risk of liability by consulting only a qualified and experienced Austin tree care expert.

About the Author: Andrew Johnson is the owner of Central Texas Tree Care, a leading provider of Austin tree service in Central Texas. Certified ISA Austin arborist services including: tree trimming, tree removal, tree care and oak wilt treatment. For more information on Austin tree service, please visit

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