Protecting Trees While Installing a Pool

Traditionally, trees are responsible for some of the comforts we experience during summer’s heat. They offer shade and provide cool breezes. However, for some, a pool offers some refreshment as well. If a home eventually goes on the market for sale, a pool typically adds to the property’s value. But this is true, too, of a well maintained landscape. It is possible to have both a beautiful landscape and an in-ground pool on a lot, but great care must be made to insure both.

Begin by examining the desired location of the pool. This includes carefully examining the location of trees on the property Using similar properties as examples and a knowledgeable, professional contractor to install the pool, determine if the desired location is in fact the best location. Perhaps it is, but significant problems may arise if it isn’t.

Determine if the pool is to be placed near any landscaping tree. If so, consider the species of the tree, as this will help to surmise the size the tree will be at maturity. This is quite valuable information, as it may give an overall estimate to the length of the roots below ground. Simply put, just because a pool sits several feet away from a tree above ground does notF necessarily mean that all will be well below ground.

Although roots typically grow only 18 to 24 inches into the ground, their expansion across the ground is innately considerably larger. This may be further exaggerated by a tree of relatively large size. A good rule of thumb is to preclude placing a pool in any area that lies within 20 feet of a tree. Because the investment in your trees is as important as the investment in a pool, never hesitate to contact a professional arborist with questions concerning the estimated span of a tree’s roots and any damage that may result.

It is also important to consider any trees that may be in relative proximity to one another. This is because, depending upon the span, it is entirely possible that the roots of trees may be intertwined. If care is not taken, once excavation has begun for the pool any root damage that may be done may affect more than one tree. As you prepare to install a pool, an Austin tree trimming expert can assist not only with any above ground obstacles related to the health of your trees, such as limbs, but also any obstacles below ground, including intertwined roots, as well.

Consider also how any landscaping trees not in the vicinity of the pool may still be negatively impacted by any foot traffic or heavy equipment as the contractors do the job they are hired to do. As most homeowners consider the pros and cons of the addition of a pool, one such consideration that should also be made is how to sustain a beautiful lawn and tree health by managing foot traffic and the soil compaction that is sure to result.

Finally, once the pool is installed, it is recommendable to provide careful attention to trees in close proximity to the pool. These are the trees most likely to suffer from any inadvertent damage done during the installation process. An Austin tree care expert may recommend fertilizer, additional watering, mulch application, or other possibilities.

It is entirely possible to have both a wonderfully refreshing pool and a beautiful backyard. However, because the damage that can be done can certainly rival the reward, always proceed with caution by first seeking the expertise of an Austin arborist.

About the Author: Andrew Johnson is the owner of Central Texas Tree Care, a leading provider of Austin tree service in Central Texas. Certified ISA Austin arborist services including: tree trimming, tree removal, tree care and oak wilt treatment. For more information on Austin tree service, please visit

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