Considerations When Planting Oaks

Oak trees are a valuable commodity not only in Austin, Texas, but in all of the United States. Because they can live for such a long time, many oaks are a deeply rooted part of the American landscape and have been for many years. Oaks happen to be a treasured species, whether in a natural backdrop or in a private landscape. If planting oaks on your personal property is a possibility, then there are several considerations to be made before doing so.

One consideration to be made when planting oaks is how local climate conditions may affect vitality. Fortunately, and perhaps further adding to their appeal, oak happens to be a species of tree that thrives in the contiguous states. Therefore, Austin’s typical climate is generally conducive to the vitality of any oak that is planted. Although extra watering and care may be necessary for approximately the first year following planting, once established, oaks tend to thrive in natural sunlight and rainfall conditions. As an added benefit, as the tree matures and its canopy size expands, oaks provide a wonderful source of shade.

When planting oaks on personal property, it’s also important to consider any structures on the property. This is especially true if homes exist on the property or eventually will. Because species of oaks tend to grow quite large, consideration should be made for the size of the tree at maturity. You don’t want either the investment in your home (or other outbuildings) or in your tree to be damaged because appropriate consideration was not given to how large the tree would grow to be. Possible problems include roof damage from low or fallen limbs, roots growing underneath the foundation of the home or sidewalks, or even insect or other pest problems within or near the home because of the tree’s proximity. Should low-hanging or broken limbs interfere with your home or other property structures, contact an Austin tree trimming specialist for professional trimming services and assistance.

It’s also important to consider any diseases to which oaks are naturally susceptible, as well as the impact of the effects. For instance, although there are others, in recent years Austin oak wilt has become a widely-recognized disease which affects oaks. The destruction it causes is quite widespread throughout Austin and other parts of Texas. Unfortunately, once an oak has been affected by the disease, there is very little chance for the tree’s survival. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent the disease’s impact on landscape oaks. For invaluable guidance regarding protecting and preserving your investment in oaks planted on personal property, seek the assistance of an Austin tree care professional.

Oaks are an abounding, well-loved species of tree. So much so, they are now known as the national tree. They are a timeless asset to America’s natural landscape and are growing as such in our personal landscapes, too. Consider any limitations of planting an oak tree, adapt a plan that accommodates those limitations, and bring our nation’s beloved tree to your own backyard.

About the Author: Andrew Johnson is the owner of Central Texas Tree Care, a leading provider of Austin tree service in Central Texas. Certified ISA Austin arborist services including: tree trimming, tree removal, tree care and oak wilt treatment. For more information on Austin tree service, please visit

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