Oak trees are a natural part of the Austin landscape. They add beauty to the natural landscape, as well as to private landscapes. However, there may be times when an oak needs to be removed. These unfortunate times may include if the tree is in the way of landscaping or home renovation goals, if the tree poses a hazard to life or property, or if the tree is diseased.

If your landscaping goals include several smaller landscaping trees instead of just one, such as the mighty oak, then the tree may need to be removed. Perhaps a home addition, such as an outdoor dining area or a new home office, is desired. Trees that prohibit expansion for such goals may need to be removed. Though the aspiration is to always maintain a well-manicured landscape, there are times when trees (or plants or gardens) may interfere with the overall big picture. If you find this to be the case, tree removal may be your only viable option to accomplish your goals.

Another reason to consider removing an oak tree is if it poses a potential threat to life or property. Oaks or any other tree that grows expansively enough may pose such a problem. An oak that is not well-trimmed may have limbs that overhang rooftops, vehicles, or privacy fences. Strong winds, weak limbs, other anomalies, or any combination thereof may cause limbs to fall on homes, vehicles, or over property lines. Damages could be considerable, possibly affecting not only personal property, but also that of another, such as a neighbor. Possible legal and fiscal liability then become issues. Sadly, the devastation brought on by this is, in fact, the preferred result, as the ultimate liability could be felt if loss of life due to neglected trees were the outcome. However, these are extreme circumstances. In many cases, potential threats from trees can be controlled or removed altogether through trimming. Consult an Austin tree trimming professional for assistance and, ultimately, the prevention of any threat to life or property.

Perhaps the most common reason to remove an oak (or other tree) is if it is diseased. Since oaks are particularly vulnerable to oak wilt, tree removal may be necessary. Once a tree has been exposed to oak wilt, the demise of the tree is likely. In order to keep other healthy, proximal oaks from the same fate, tree removal may be the only viable option. This is especially true of oaks that become affected by oak wilt through the transmission of the disease within the root system. Healthy trees with roots that are intertwined with the roots of a diseased tree need to be separated in order to preserve the tree. An Austin tree care specialist can help you determine whether or not your oak tree is affected by oak wilt, the origination of the disease, whether or not the tree is a significant risk to surrounding healthy trees and should be removed, and can assist you in the safe and effective removal of the diseased tree.

Because the depth of the roots of an oak may very, always consult an Austin tree removal expert. This is particularly true if you plan to replant other trees, shrubs, or plants. The topsoil may be affected by the manner in which a tree is removed and may affect the landscape’s ability to support new plant life. If oak wilt was a prior problem and the reason for the tree‘s removal, a specialist can also help you to determine if the area is able to sustain new oaks.

About the Author: Andrew Johnson is the owner of Central Texas Tree Care, a leading provider of Austin tree service in Central Texas. Certified ISA Austin arborist services including: tree trimming, tree removal, tree care and oak wilt treatment. For more information on Austin tree service, please visit https://centraltexastr.wpengine.com.

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