By definition, an arborist is a trained specialist who plants and cares for trees.  Arborists must continue their education to keep existing certifications, as well as update their knowledge bank on what is up and coming regarding the art and science of trees.  Such an individual can assist in the management of your tree appearance and health, as well as the proper selection of tree species for your property.  A weak or unhealthy tree can become a liability.  Additionally, choosing the wrong species of tree for your property can also become a liability.  In considering the time and cost of planting and caring for a tree, an arborist is a handy option.

There is much to know when caring for a new tree.  Arborists are trained in placing a tree in the healthiest position on your property.  A crowding of trees can cause harm to the new tree, as well as other trees surrounding it.  Watering and feeding a new tree is also an art.  If you have the means to hire an arborist, a watering and feeding schedule can be arranged for your assorted trees.

Arborists are additionally skilled in the overall maintenance of trees.  An arborist’s work includes:  the removal of dead or weakening limbs, elimination of limbs that interfere with your gutters or roof, as well as the elimination of branches that can obstruct public walkways or streets.  Arborists can also create bracing for weak branches, spray trees for insect control and fertilize.

As well as maintaining trees, an arborist can be called upon for emergency tree care.  Heavy storms that include rain, wind and lightning, can be detrimental to your trees.  Often times, the weight of the tree segments can be too awkward or heavy to move.  Arborists are trained in removal of large or broken limbs within a safe parameter.

Circumstances can arise when a tree must be removed.  Although, this is often a last resort, it is quite necessary for the health and growing efficiency of its surrounding trees.  Removal of your tree is recommended when the tree:

•    is dead

•    becomes hazardous or creates obstructions that cannot be corrected

•    is to be replaced with another tree

If you choose to hire an arborist:

•    check for professional memberships to organizations such as the:  International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA), or the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).  If an individual shows you their memberships information, be sure the date of membership is still valid.

•    check for an ISA certification.  Certified arborists are professionals that have passed examinations that cover all aspects of tree care.

•    ask for references, to find out where the individual has previously worked.  Do not feel awkward calling the references.  Remember, tree care is a long-lasting investment!

•    get more than one estimate before hiring an arborist.  Also, do not feel the lowest bid is always the best deal.  Arborists are experienced professionals that should know to include additional materials and permit fees in their bids.

•    do not be afraid to ask questions!  Arborists are more than often excited for the work they perform.  A good arborist will appreciate your questions and be excited to answer them for you.

Choosing to have an arborist plant or care for your trees is your option.  Some individuals choose to take the task on themselves, working their green thumb.  Being educated about your choices is always in your favor!

About the Author: Andrew Johnson is the owner of Central Texas Tree Care, a leading provider of Austin tree services in Central Texas. Certified ISA Austin arborist services including: tree trimming, tree removal, tree care and stump removal. For more information on Austin tree service please visit

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