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Native trees to consider planting in the Austin area

In order to give some guidelines for which trees to plant with success in the area, this article focuses on tree species native to the area. A separate article focuses on non-native species that grow and thrive in the Austin area, and then to non-native species that thrive here. I am constantly asked for planting […]

The Drought of 2011: What it means to Central Texas trees

For more than a year now we have had only a few inches of rain. Austin and the surrounding areas and even the entire state are experiencing a severe water deficit. And this isn’t getting any better, as harsher watering restrictions come into play. No relief yet What this means is that area trees are under serious stress, […]

The bad service black cloud over the Austin area

For years now, as the owner of Central Texas Tree Care here in the Austin area, I have had customer after customer, time and time again, tell me how bad customer service is when dealing with local contractors.  Yes, there appears to be a big black cloud of bad customer service hanging over Central Texas.  […]