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Magnolias and their care in the greater Austin area

Southern magnolias, Magnolia grandiflora, are widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and sought after tree species in the Southern and even Western United States. Not only are they often extremely large at maturity, but they live for upwards of 100 years under the right conditions, and explode all summer long with the most […]

Is your red oak turning yellow?

Shumard oaks are in the red oak family. The scientific name is Quercus shumardii. As one of the largest species of the southern red oak group, they are beautiful, long-lived trees that grow enormous and live for a long time, often over 100 years in the right growing conditions. They are also prized for their beautiful […]

Is your post oak in decline?

Post oaks have arguably the most sensitive roots of all native Central Texas tree species. On multiple occasions throughout my career, I have been called out to diagnose declining post oaks in and around the Austin area. With this particular species, it is extremely important to note that ANY root disturbance at all can lead […]

Why should I trim my Austin trees?

Actually, the correct term is tree pruning. Years ago when I first started in the industry, I specifically remember the phrase “prune the word trim from your vocabulary”. However, for the sake of simplicity, and because it’s an important search term, we will continue calling it tree trimming for the rest of this page… When Should a […]

What is oak wilt?

Should you be concerned about oak wilt and are your trees at risk? Oak wilt , Ceratocystis fagacearum, is a fungus that has been introduced to the Central Texas area since the 1960’s with devastating results. It is thought to have been in the US since the 1800’s. It is widely believed that it was originally […]

Vine removal in Austin trees

Customers often ask me whether or not vines should be removed from their trees. Before that question can be answered, first of all we have to identify the vines on the tree. Certain vines are much more aggressive than others. Some vines do not climb all the way to the top of the tree. Some only […]

Trees and construction

One of the biggest challenges to local arborists and construction managers is maintaining trees on construction sites. Whether you are the construction company foreman or the homeowner, you need to do all you can to maintain and assure survivability of the valuable native trees on the construction site. The homeowner has specific expectations around which […]

Squirrel damage to Austin trees

Squirrels in the Austin area are considered cute to many local Austin area residents. We like to watch them play and chase each other around the tree trunks and across the lawns. We like to watch them sun themselves on the tree trunks, and many people feed them to help promote their presence in the […]

Grackle Control: Managing flying pests

Grackles are messy, black to brown colored birds that flock in large numbers in certain areas of central Texas.  They feed on garbage, generally out of dumpsters, and are extremely messy when they roost in dense trees in or near parking lots and defile the parking areas, vehicles, bus stops, etc . Grackles are becoming […]