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Is oak wilt treatable and how?

Once oak wilt is diagnosed, many people are at a loss as to what to do.  In the course of my career here in Central Texas, upon being called onto a property, many people have told me that once live oaks get oak wilt, that they are untreatable and that they should just let them […]

Cabling and bracing trees

Central Texas Tree Care has installed hundreds of cables in Austin area trees over the last 10 years and I am very proud of our record. My staff is highly trained and seasoned in this area and we now properly install more cables every year than just about any other local company. The purpose of […]

Fake grass under your trees?

Fake grass. When we think about fake grass, many of us think back to the astroturf in football stadiums, or the cheap fake grass they used to use in the grocery store produce sections or various department stores. The fact is that ‘fake’ or man-made grass has come a long way since then. Stick with me here. […]

Improper pruning and its effects

Topping? Lion-tailing?  What do these terms mean?  Of the damage that can be done by improper pruning, topping and lion-tailing are certainly two of the worst things that can be done to tree. Why you shouldn’t top your trees Topping involves removing the tops of the limbs and leaving huge, ‘stubbed off’ limbs and nothing […]

About dead limbs in live oaks

Are there smaller diameter dead limbs throughout the canopy of your live oak? In a drought, the live oaks, as with most trees are also experiencing stress.   The good news is that live oaks are extremely drought tolerant.  They are resilient and can handle long periods with very little water.  Very few diseases affect live […]

Why do Bradford pears split?

Maintaining Bradford pears in the United States is a multi-million dollar per year industry. When Bradfords were more widely planted, billions or dollars were spent maintaining, bolting, cabling and bracing them. Cities are and have been moving away from Bradford pears for years, and are replacing them with less problematic, more easily maintained and longer […]

Phytophthera fungus in Texas oaks

Are your oak trees defoliating, with black stains on the trunks and frothy, bleeding cankers? Another of the most overly misdiagnosed and misunderstood fungal problems associated with oak trees in the Austin area is the commonly misspelled phytophthera spp. This fungus, of which several types affect many hardwoods and plants, can be quite disruptive to […]

Should I plant a bald cypress in Central Texas?

Bald cypress, Taxodium distichum, are some of the most beautiful, largest and longest lived deciduous trees in Central Texas. I would like to buy some land, so I can plant a forest of these trees; I love them so much. They occur naturally around lakes and rivers, and are commonly planted around ponds and poorly drained […]