The landscaping of any residence can make or break a first impression of its outside appearance. Because time and effort are essential to maintaining a home, time and effort should also be essential when making decisions regarding landscaping. When it comes to making any landscaping decisions you may be facing, contacting an arborist can make those decisions much easier.

By definition, an arborist is one who specializes in the care of trees. They provide numerous landscaping services, such as tree and stump removal, pruning, spraying, and bracing and cabling. A qualified arborist can be an asset to your landscaping needs and objectives. So, what characteristics should you look for that make an arborist qualified?

First, check with friends who’ve used arborist services or in your local yellow pages. Those arborists who are reputable through word of mouth or who have taken the time to advertise their services and contact information in local phone books are likely legitimate. While researching arborists to determine if they are the right fit for your landscaping needs, you might consider asking them for other local references whose projects required services similar to those you will need. Any qualified arborist should be accommodating and welcome the affirmation of his or her work from other clients.

You should also make certain that the arborist is fully insured, as any qualified arborist should be. Fully insured includes maintaining insurance coverage for personal and property damages. You may also wish to inquire if worker’s compensation is provided to company employees, who would likely assist the arborist with your landscaping project. Having this information is all for your benefit and protection, as you could be legally implicated as financially responsible, for some or even all damages, for any accident that may occur on your property if the arborist is uninsured or underinsured while working there.

Inquire about any professional memberships or certifications the arborist may hold. As with any other career field, professional memberships or certifications are indicative of a motivation for continued learning and knowledge advancement, heavy involvement in the field of interest, and a commitment to providing the best possible service to prospective clients.

Consider seeking insight from several arborists. Aside from the obvious cost comparison doing so provides, this also allows you to garner understanding of the process for completing the project from several perspectives and explanations. For instance, arborists can assist you with understanding Austin tree trimming techniques and costs. Armed with this understanding, you can compare and contrast the information. Hopefully the information provided you by prospective arborists will be similar. However, if there are major differences in explanations, perhaps the credentials of those providing them should be looked into further.

Finally, use this time to also ask your specific questions of the arborist. If an Austin tree removal service is a part of your landscaping project, inquire if the tree stump will be removed and how. Find out about debris cleanup. Inquire about acceptable methods of payment and payment arrangements. You may find that these considerations factor as much into your satisfaction with a potential arborist as the overall project cost.

By looking at these criteria and carefully considering each, you can easily narrow down choices and determine the most qualified arborist who best fits your landscaping project needs.

About the Author: Andrew Johnson is the owner of Central Texas Tree Care, a leading provider of Austin tree services in Central Texas. Certified ISA Austin arborist services including: tree trimming, tree removal, tree care and stump removal. For more information on Austin tree service please visit

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