Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping wherein the focus is to create a natural garden or lawn-area that requires minimal water and/or maintenance.  Often times this landscaping option will include sculptural features, rocks, gravel and simple plantings.  In dry climates, xeriscaping will include cacti and other succulents.  The lawn will also be tolerant of droughts; which are prone to some regions within the south.  Areas that have intense moisture will tend to use more foliage.  It is often the idea that in placing the correct negative spaces in type of landscaping, that the positive plantings can grow naturally within a chosen area.  The professionals that specialize in xeriscaping are often referred to as ‘xeriscapers’.

There are many reasons why individual or commercial property owners choose to xeriscape their property.  The conservation of water has become an important part of our daily existence on earth.  It is not only environmentally-friendly to conserve water, but it can also substantially cut down on water costs.  There are even some regions in the south and southwest, where water usage is monitored for lawn care.  In particular cases such as this, to xeriscape, may be a good option.

Currently cities in the south and southwest have been encouraging their citizens to xeriscape.  Contests have been held for creativity, efficiency and visual beauty.  Most all municipalities will continue to encourage the technique for water conservation purposes.

There are several other reasons of efficiency as to why this new method of landscaping has becoming quite popular.  There are many ways in which landscaping costs can be lessened, as well as ways in which the environment can benefit.

Fuel:  The conservation of fuel has become an important topic these days.  To preserve fuel, by not having to mow an entire lawn, or trim grasses, can be cost effective. 

Solar-Power:  It is often the case that when considering fountains, waterfalls or lighting for a minimalist landscape, solar panels can always be an option.  Solar-power can conserve energy, as well as drop electrical costs.

Zen gardens have become another way in which to minimalize the grasses and maintenance of a lawn.  With fountains, miniature river scenes, and rock/sand gardens, the zen garden can also become a place for meditation or basic beauty.

A ‘xeriscaped’ lawn can be a creative way in which to design an outside living area.  Most all landscaping architects or plant/tree companies will have trained employees to better help you with your visions and ideas.  In conserving the earth’s resources and creating an area with magnificent visual aesthetics, it is easy to fall into such an interesting new idea.  A dry desert climate is not a requirement for xeriscaping.  The technique would apply to any persons interested in simplifying their lawn care and lowering utility costs all-together.  Although the task of xeriscaping a lawn can be tedious and strenuous and first, the results could be phenomenal. 

About the Author: Andrew Johnson is the owner of Central Texas Tree Care, a leading provider of Austin tree services in Central Texas. Certified ISA Austin arborist services including: tree trimming, tree removal, tree care and stump removal. For more information on Austin tree service please visit https://centraltexastr.wpengine.com.

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